Until HealthWorks, regional employers lacked a dedicated, reliable, and comprehensive provider of workers compensation medical, disability management and related occupational health services. From patient to provider to employer, we have created an atmosphere of teamwork and accountability, leading to a healthier workforce, lower costs and higher quality of life.


Quality and timeliness are essential in Occupational Medicine. We see injured patients with minimal wait time and have quality time to spend with them in order to ensure appropriate and effective treatment. Our physicians and therapists work closely with each other and other providers, to eliminate unnecessary appointments and delay in services, promoting a quicker and safer return to work. These outcomes prove our success, not only in patient care, but cost-effectiveness.

With an experienced staff and the latest in medical systems, you’ll get top notch care when you need it without the hassle or wait. From Workplace Injury Care to Performance Testing, our Health and Wellness Clinic is there to help.

At HealthWorks, we take a holistic view of occupational medicine, helping both employee and employer improve health outcomes, while avoiding lost work time. We have learned that in order to facilitate the highest level of care, work, and life, strong relationships and partnerships are essential. We believe in a “closed loop of care” approach, so that all stakeholders understand the expectations, communication is streamlined, and accountability is unmatched.

As the foundation of our Medical Care Plus service, we emphasize clear and open channels of communication between patient, employer, doctors and all other providers, each working toward a common goal. In addition, we have centralized our services, housing diagnosis, treatment, therapy services, testing and wellness under one roof, thus minimizing the opportunity for delays, inconveniences and inconsistent record keeping. When advanced or specialized treatment is necessary, we have clear rules of engagement and written service expectations. And when accidents happen, we are ready. Through our strategic relationship with the Lynchburg General Emergency Department, we are able to extend our closed loop of care to nights, weekends and holidays, providing 24-7 accessibility 365 days a year.



Invest In The Health Of Your Employees

A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce.
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