At HealthWorks we understand the important role Case Managers play to ensuring that injured employees receive the health care needed to return to work. We also know that you are responsible to communicate and deliver outcomes to the Adjuster and Employer connected to the injured employee. To be effective you need to be able to communicate and provide outcomes to three different groups with three different requirements. If that isn’t enough, you also must work with a Provider to ensure all three groups are satisfied with the services and results. Choosing the wrong healthcare provider can encumber your ability to be effective as a Case Manager.

HealthWorks is not just another healthcare provider. We are a 100% Occupational Healthcare Team. This means we not only provide the highest quality of care to the injured employee, but we also deliver outcomes and results that Employers and Adjusters want.

Our program is built around getting injured employees back to work and keeping them at work. With a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in Occupational Healthcare, we know the difference between recordable and non-recordable care. 95% of our patients return to full-duty unrestricted work. Our success comes from our ability to communicate effectively and provide cost effective programs. Choosing the right partner doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. Let us make your job easier and get you the results you need.