Fit For Duty

Our Fit for Duty Program is designed to prevent workplace injuries. Injury prevention ensures that employees can physically perform the job tasks. Injury prevention begins with your new employees, and ensuring new hires can physically perform the tasks required for jobs in your company. We measure the physical demands, and then test an employee’s ability to perform those jobs. We combine a detailed knowledge of the jobs at your company, with the medical expertise to make certain that the employees you hire have the capacity to perform the essential functions of their job safely.

We start with a detailed assessment of each job’s physical and mental requirements, which we then translate into a specific, customized testing program overseen by our team of occupational health experts. With this combination of analysis & examination, we can help put the right person in the right job at the right time.

Benefits to employers

Assures new employees can perform essential functions of the job safely
Reduces medical and time loss claims, re-injury and Occupational Safety and Heath Administration (OSHA) rates
Directs medical providers in designing work modifications or keeping employees at work
Alerts employers to ergonomic concerns

Return-to-work Services

Testing indicates specific job tasks that are safe to continue or need to be modified for the employee
Directs medical providers in designing work conditioning programs to get employees back to normal work duties after an work-related injury
Eliminates and reduces lost time from the employee being on the job.