HealthWorks EAP partners with HR to enhance employee engagement and productivity. Though consultation or direct services EAP can assist you with reaching your goal of a happier, healthier work environment. EAP offers web-based and telephonic Work-Life Services to assist employees with every day challenges such as parenting, elder care, health and fitness, financial and legal consultation. And with or without supervisory intervention, employees have expedited and preferred access to confidential, professional mental health and substance abuse services to improve their quality of life at home and at work.


Why Offer An EAP?

When employees get sick, you expect them to visit their doctors — and you probably provide insurance for that purpose. On the other hand, when your employees are facing emotional, relationship, family, legal or financial problems, what do you do?

A well-designed Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a proactive business tool that can help your employees face and overcome life’s challenges — while at the same time reducing absenteeism, increasing retention, saving money, controlling costs and increasing employee productivity.

Partnering with You

We partner with your organization to maximize the health and productivity of your workforce by integrating our services with your organization’s existing goals and initiatives.

We anticipate issues, develop programs and design policies to suit your organizational culture and needs. Employer support services include:

  • – Program orientation and promotion
    – Unlimited management consultations and support
    – Expert, responsive account management
    – Monthly, meaningful communication materials
    – Comprehensive reporting and dashboards