According to some surveys, 45% of employees say that a good work-life balance is one of the most important aspects an organization can offer them. Even more important than salary in most cases. The idea of work-life balance is no longer about the hours in the office verses the hours spent at home. A business that offers a great work-life environment gives their employees the opportunity to reduce stress, improve their health, and keeps them safe, giving their employees more value outside of work. Employers who offer work-life programs see higher job performances, fewer sick days, increased productivity, less workers compensation claims, less turnover, reduced stress, and improved employee morale.

However, according to the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey only 23% of employers provided this type of an environment. These factors cost companies over $1 Trillion annually, even though they are manageable, avoidable, and preventable. Whether your business is part of 23%, or part of the 77% not excelling, HealthWorks can help you achieve better outcomes! HealthWorks offers customized programs and solutions for all company sizes and industries. We will work with your existing program to offer new solutions with better results, or build a new program that will help reduce unnecessary cost that can be managed, avoided, or prevented. To get started, download the HealthWorks brochure and let your employer know you want the best for them. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and PROPOSALS that will help them get started toward a better workforce and workplace.





According to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Law and Workers’ Compensation Act, employers are required to provide their employees with a Panel of Physicians to provide employees with options for care for a work-related accident or injury. Virginia requires that the Panel offers three Physicians. Check with your employer and make sure HealthWorks is on your Panel. You can’t prevent all accidents from happening, but you can choose who cares for you.

For better care and better results, choose HealthWorks.

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