Our Clients



  • Captain Jennifer Collins, City of Lynchburg /

    During the recovery process for a firefighter, the HealthWorks therapist looked at his job specific requirements in an effort to create a program for him and simulate job functions. This was crucial to verifying when he was ready to return to his normal position with the fire department.

  • Curtis H. Crews | Safety/Security Analyst Timken /

    My assessment of the Healthworks organization through my 6 years working relationship with them ranks them OUTSTANDING with a high level of flexibility that met our organizational needs. The Healthworks organization is our main occupational healthcare provider.

  • Biometric Screening Event Participant /

    Very Good Experience. No Wait!

  • Rebecca C. /

    Participating in the wellness coaching program has proved very helpful to me.  It held me accountable, set goals, and plan how to improve my lifestyle.

  • Biometric Screening Event Participant /

    Very informative, very fast. This is information that I have not pursued in a long time and being informed will help me keep my health in mind!

  • Robert S. /

    I wouldn't have a doctor if it wasn't for HealthWorks.

  • Biometric Screening Event Participant /

    Great Experience... It will help me reshape my behavior!

  • Garrett S. /

    The main thing I learned from my wellness coach was how to eat better food for my cholesterol.  Now every time I eat, I think that way. Thank you!

  • Tobacco Cessation Program Participant /

    I smoked 2 packs a day and now I haven't had tobacco in 3 months.   Coaching and encouragement have helped keep me on the path to being nicotine free!

  • Lunch n’ Learn Participant / Bank of the James

    Wonderful Presentation, great topics, ie habits discussed.  Very fun and great being with co-workers.

  • Stress Management Education Session Participant / Bank of the James

    I would attend the speakers 8 week course she mentioned.   1 hour is definitely not enough time!   This was a great workshop and I appreciated all of the relevant information.   Will attend any future workshops! My time well spent!