Flu Shots:  A Great Corporate Wellness Strategy

Flu season is just around the corner. During this season, 5-20% of our population will contract influenza. The widespread nature of the flu costs businesses 111 million workdays, or $7 billion worth of sick days and lost productivity.

Flu season can definitely be considered a corporate concern.

The CDC maintains that the best way to protect yourself from the flu is to get vaccinated each year. Although the timing of the flu is unpredictable, the virus usually peaks between December and February and can continue into late March.  The standard vaccination period for the flu shot is between October and November, with shipments beginning in August. The vaccine itself takes about two weeks to become effective.  When it comes to flu prevention, earlier is always better.  Getting the flu shot can be a markedly effective defense against the virus. 

Host a Flu Shot Event to Protect Your Employees

Avoid a company-wide epidemic by hosting a vaccine clinic for your business. The flu can easily spread throughout the workplace, and workers infected with the virus may not even show symptoms for a few days while they are contagious. If an employee comes down with the flu, he/she may have to take three-to-five days off from work, although productivity could be impacted for two weeks while they fully recover.

Keep your productivity high, even in the peak of flu season, by offering company-wide flu shots with a mobile flu shot event. You’ll have fewer workers out getting the shot at their doctor’s office or being home sick. Furthermore, showing that your company cares about the health of its employees can boost engagement and morale.

Offering flu shots in the workplace is a quick, easy wellness activity in which every employee can be involved. It’s also one of the most inclusive wellness activities because literally everyone can be affected by the flu.

Flu Shot Clinics Can Educate

There are countless misconceptions about vaccines in our society today. None of the anti-vax myths are backed by any sort of scientific evidence.

A worksite flu shot clinic provides an excellent setting in which to educate employees about not only the flu shot, but the way vaccines work in general. Aside from vaccination education, clinics also serve as a place to educate employees about proper hygiene.

Outside of the hygiene practices and vaccination education that are most important during flu season, employees can learn that healthier bodies have a better shot at avoiding influenza infection. This presents an opportunity to discuss healthy diets, exercise, stress management, hydration and so much more.

How to Host a Flu Shot Clinic

Hosting a flu vaccine clinic is simple and HealthWorks does all the work for you.  We prepare the events to be quick, thorough, and without much disruption to your workday.  Your workers will receive their vaccinations from experienced, trained medical technicians, then get back right back to work. 

In just one day, your team can remain protected throughout the entire flu season.

Contact HealthWorks to book your mobile flu shot clinic today, and stay ahead of flu season.

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Let's look at the number

What is the real impact of stress on productivity?
Let’s break it down.*


of work days are lost among working adults because of the flu season


of working adults ages 50-64 experience low productivity days because of the flu


of workers with the flu demonstrate an impaired performance 


 of people of all ages lowered their risk of having to go to the doctor due to a flu vaccination 


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