Ergonomic Assessments

We offer personal ergonomic evaluations for all workplace environments. No matter what the job requirements might be, comfortable, happy workers are more likely to perform optimally and avoid sustaining work related injuries. Small changes in the way workstations are set up, tasks are performed and breaks are utilized, can all make a huge difference to a worker’s long term health. Pain in the upper extremities (fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders); lower extremities (legs, knees, ankles, feet); neck and back can often be attributed to repetitive motion injuries. These result from the motions we go through time and time again throughout the course of our workday. Though our work must be done, there are methods of examining how we interact with our workplace. By identifying and correcting inefficiencies and introducing mitigation techniques and tools to create a workplace that fits the employee, not the other way around. HealthWorks Ergonomic Assessments and training programs are designed to educate workers on correct ergonomic principles and to assess each worker’s environment to ensure they are correctly set up thereby minimizing the risk of injury, facilitate health and well-being, and enhance productivity and performance.

Having an ergonomic assessment conducted in your workplace can:

1. Assist workers in adopting correct postures and safe body mechanics; significantly decreasing injury risk

2. Maximize an individual’s comfort at work, increasing productivity 3. Provide education for workers regarding the importance of taking appropriate postural breaks and using correct stretching techniques to manage or prevent discomfort. We offer a wide range of Ergonomic Assessments.

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