HealthWorks is Central Virginia’s only comprehensive occupational health and workplace wellness provider. HealthWorks can help you make the most of your ongoing investment in your employees. 


HealthWorks Staff Experience

The team at HealthWorks is one of many areas that set us apart from our competitors.

It is the team at HealthWorks that sets us apart from our competitors. We constantly seek to improve our services and the care we provide through continual research, evidence based practice and getting to know our customers in the field.  Our HealthWorks team understands the importance of caring for the employee and the employer and the impact both have on a company being successful.

We focus on keeping people at work and returning those with injuries or illness back to work as quickly and safely as possible. We work with you and your employees from start to finish. Whether it is a simple flu shot, a pre-employment physical, or full consultation of the health and safety needs of your organization, HealthWorks is a partner you can count on.

Our qualifications and certifications include:
  • 111 years of combined experience in our Physician and Advanced Practitioner team dedicated to our Occupational Medicine Practice. Our Providers specialize in occupational medicine, emergency medicine, and workman’s compensation, and are familiar with return to work protocols.
  • 55 years of combined experience among our on-site Physical Therapists, evaluating and treating orthopedic, musculoskeletal and neurological injuries and disorders.
  • Two (2) CAOHC certified hearing conservationists on staff.
  • Two (2) MROCC certified medical review officers.
  • Five (5) certified urine drug screen collectors.
  • Five (5) certified breath alcohol technicians.
  • Three (3) NIOSH approved spirometry staff.
  • Four (4) trained Job Function Matching providers.
  • One (1) Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist.
  • One (1) Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certified provider.
  • HealthWorks Providers study and understand the difference in OSHA recordable vs non-recordable for worksite injuries and best practice return to work processes.
  • All providers certified and registered on the FMSCA National Registry.
  • Emphasis on clear and open channels of communication between employer, patient, and medical provider(s).
  • An on-site Physiatrist, board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, providing non-surgical treatment options and conservative pain management.
  • An on-site Orthopedist, board certified in Orthopedic Surgery, providing non-operative care and consultation.
  • Nursing staff trained in post exposure counseling. Our LPN team member will provide patient education and empathy in a quiet setting with compassion and reassurance for patients when they need it the most.

Is your company proactive when it comes to health and wellness??

The health of an organization’s workforce impacts turnover, absenteeism, engagement, stress, and the bottom line for both you and your employees. Offering convenient, well organized, and comprehensive resources encourages and enables employees to make their health and safety a priority.


Did you know?


One way to reduce cost of Worker’s Compensation claims is to have the BEST care for your workers. With a workplace injury every 7 seconds, the U.S. averages 4.7 million workplace injuries a year, costing employers over $170 billion dollars. The most common workplace incident is sprains/strains causing employees to miss on average 57 days of work. You might not be able to stop every accident in the workplace, but you can determine who cares for them.


HealthWorks has a long history of providing top quality Occupational Medicine and Work Recovery Services in the Central Virginia area.

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