home_imgIs your company proactive when it comes to caring for your greatest assets? The health of an organization’s workforce impacts turnover, absenteeism, engagement, stress, and the bottom line for both you and your employees.   Offering convenient, well organized, and comprehensive resources encourages and enables employees to make their health a priority.

At HealthWorks, we recognize the value of work- not only for the employer, but the employee.   Our goal is to assist in keeping people at work, and allowing individuals out with injuries or illness to return as quickly as possible by providing convenient, consistent solution.

HealthWorks offers your organization a successful path to health, while meeting your needs, goals, and budget. 


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  • Biometric Screening Event Participant /

    Very Good Experience. No Wait!

  • Rebecca C. /

    Participating in the wellness coaching program has proved very helpful to me.  It held me accountable, set goals, and plan how to improve my lifestyle.

  • Biometric Screening Event Participant /

    Very informative, very fast. This is information that I have not pursued in a long time and being informed will help me keep my health in mind!

  • Robert S. /

    I wouldn't have a doctor if it wasn't for HealthWorks.

  • Biometric Screening Event Participant /

    Great Experience... It will help me reshape my behavior!

  • Garrett S. /

    The main thing I learned from my wellness coach was how to eat better food for my cholesterol.  Now every time I eat, I think that way. Thank you!

  • Tobacco Cessation Program Participant /

    I smoked 2 packs a day and now I haven't had tobacco in 3 months.   Coaching and encouragement have helped keep me on the path to being nicotine free!

  • Lunch n’ Learn Participant / Bank of the James

    Wonderful Presentation, great topics, ie habits discussed.  Very fun and great being with co-workers.

  • Stress Management Education Session Participant / Bank of the James

    I would attend the speakers 8 week course she mentioned.   1 hour is definitely not enough time!   This was a great workshop and I appreciated all of the relevant information.   Will attend any future workshops! My time well spent!

Invest in the health of your employees

A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce.
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