Focusing on more extended treatment, analysis and conditioning programs, our Work Recovery staff is there to help workers through the process of regaining their ready-for-work health and fitness.   To have a better understanding of the employer’s work environment and functional job requirements, the HealthWorks team will tour your workplace or plant free of charge.  This benefit allows our professionals a greater understanding of how best to treat your work related injuries and the assessment of your employee’s ability to perform the job functions.


Yet another unique testament to the HealthWorks philosophy is our 24-7-365 accessibility. When accidents happen, we are ready. Through our strategic relationship with Centra Health’s Lynchburg General Hospital Emergency Department, we are able to extend our closed loop of care to nights, weekends, and holidays. HealthWorks’ clients in need of treatment during off-hours will present a flagged HealthWorks Emergency Care Card for fast-tracking through the ED, with documentation and follow-up protocols flowing back through our clinic.

For more information on how our Work Recovery Team can assist your organization, please contact HealthWorks at (434) 200-6933.




Invest In The Health Of Your Employees

A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce.
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